The Glen with a View - A High Performance Home 2017

The Glen is our latest high performance project. It was designed and built to meet the specific lifestyle of the client. The home has clean lines and lots of natural interior light. Built-ins and functional spaces help to eliminate clutter. Upkeep and operating costs are almost non existent. A quick glance at a touch screen on the wall and you can see temperature, humidity, ventilation rates and more. The core of this house is the future of building. The ability to lower operating costs and make a more comfortable, user friendly house should become the new standard of construction.

Perfomance Specs:

Walls: R-60 Double stud combo wall assembly with vapor management and rain screen.

Roof: R-103

Thermally isolated slab

Windows and doors: Yaro Tilt and Turn triple pane.  U-0.13

Blower door test: .31ACH50

HRV: Lunos system with 90.6% efficiency rating

Heating, cooling, dehumidification: Mitsubishi hyper heat ductless heat pump