About Us

"Respect for the Past, Vision for the Future"

Our Team

Jon Edgington

Josh Edmonds

John Craig

Peter Layton

Jeremy Hoag

Jeb Rosenberger

Devon Gurley

Caleb Edgington

Mike "Mikey" Boyle

Jaime Edmonds

Connor Boyle

Will Layton

Our Mission

We strive to build our clients the best possible product that meets their needs and budget while operating a fair and honest business within our community. We promise to be continually learning and reevaluating our methods and practices to ensure that we are acting responsibly on behalf of our clients, team members and community. 

Who we are

Simple Integrity LLC is a local company comprised of artisans from the Cooperstown area. A longstanding work relationship between Jon Edgington and Josh Edmonds solidified to form Simple Integrity LLC. Since the origin it has expanded to include many other talented and respected local Cooperstown craftsmen.   The core of Simple Integrity LLC is a team of 10 full time partners. These Team members bring a vast amount of experience and skill to our group. Utilizing everyone’s strengths allows us to produce a high quality product.

We live in the greater Cooperstown community in which we work.  You are likely to see Team members in the grocery store, at school plays, and other civic functions. We are more than just a construction company; we are your neighbors.   We are here to provide a service and improve our community.  We at SI take great pride in our Team partners and in our work.

Simple Integrity’s century of combined experience allows us to handle all types of projects.  These include some unique niches, but are not limited to, projects that involve historical timber framing, high performance homes which flow from our commitment to energy efficient design and construction, custom cabinets and trim work, and structural repairs.  Our wide combination of experience in the construction field makes this array of projects possible from within the SI Team.

We are capable and prepared to handle all aspects of home improvement and construction, simple or elegant.  We recognize that construction projects can be stressful and disruptive; Simple Integrity makes every attempt to minimize the negative while providing you with an excellent product.  We strive to accomplish this by streamlining the construction process and minimizing the impact on your daily life.

Simple Integrity is not just a name, it reflects our core values and commitment to high quality work backed by honest and fair business practices.

What to expect

Letting people into your home is not a decision one makes lightly. We at Simple Integrity understand and respect that judgment.

We encourage good communication with our Customer.  We arrive promptly at 8am each day Monday through Friday and leave at 4:30pm. 

Our team is friendly and professional.  We maintain a notable reputation on our job sites, including no coarse language or tobacco products.   Our customers come to appreciate our Team’s attitude; one can see our reviews on Houzz.com

Each job has a project manager. This person will be on site every day for the duration of the project. Each day the project manager fills out a daily worksheet that prepares the team for the next day and helps keep track of smaller items to ensure nothing is left incomplete at project completion. We keep a job log each day to help stay on task and to help the customer stay up to date on our progress. 

On larger projects customers can expect a budget update every week to keep them up to date on the financial progress of their project. Keeping close tabs on the budget as the project is progressing allows us to make any course corrections, if necessary. 

We understand that dust is a common complaint among remodeling projects. We have taken an extra level of care to help provide customers with a livable home during the project. In addition to tool vacuums and dust walls, we utilize BuildClean HEPA Dust Control Systems. It is a system of air scrubbers that run constantly while we are working.  It provides a healthier job site for our Team as well as the customer and their families.

An important aspect of Simple Integrity is our wide range of skills.  This allows us to handle the majority of your project within the SI Team. We transition seamlessly from demolition to framing to electrical and plumbing to sheetrock to taping, to painting to trim to tile to cabinetry, etc.  It comes from our desire to control as many aspects of the project as possible in order to eliminate variables and maintain our high standards.  This yields the best product with the least number of delays. We do subcontract floor sanding, spray foam, full concrete foundations, and some heat systems. As the homeowner, the only person one must deal with about your budget or any problems that arise is Simple Integrity. Any subcontractors that are used are managed and paid by Simple Integrity. Simple Integrity is responsible for the budget and any issues or concerns that arise.